Friday Style Debate: Lack vs Bieksa.

It’s time to debate!

Lack vs Bieksa

Friday Style Debate: Lack vs Bieksa.

For many in Vancouver it was a bit of a sad week as we bid goodbye to two of the most personable Canucks in @eddielack and @kbieksa3 – an unfortunate dose of reality in the business that is professional hockey.

As such I thought it was fitting to say goodbye with an installment on the Friday Style Debate. Based on the images I could (or couldn’t) find it seems that neither player was overly concerned with the tailored aspect of their wardrobe!  If either of you want some assistance in that department I’d be happy to assist the next time the Canes and Ducks roll through town.

With that in mind a debate still needs to occur!  So who who takes the sartorial title between these two?

Let’s debate…

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