Friday Style Debate: Feels Like Spring Edition.

Time to Debate!

FSD - spring trends 2016

With the sun making its presence felt today I was motivated to throw some spring trends in as the debate topic.  As things warm up and we begin to shed the layers there are a few great options that seem to be taking center stage within the fashion scene – two of which are the Cuban inspired shirt we see on the left and a more modern take on the bomber jacket that we see on the right.

Both options are refreshing takes on a classic and timeless design.  The off white color of the Cuban shirt instantly differentiates it from most the more standard white or baby blue options. As for the bomber – the floral cloth in this case takes what is traditionally a very casual garment and turns it on its head in the formality scale.  With that in mind come spring which trend will you be more likely to follow?  Let’s debate…

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