Friday Style Debate: how do you scarf?

Time to Debate!

scarves - color vs basic

Friday Style Debate: how do you scarf?

With the cold rudely arriving this week it’s definitely time to be breaking out the scarf collection. As I did exactly that it got me thinking as to how others approach what in my view is the ultimate winter accessory.

In my case it goes without saying that I’m a fan of the more muted and subtle approach; I tend to focus more on the richness and depth of muted colors and their texture as opposed to pure boldness.  That said I do marvel every time I visit London in the winter and witness the incredible barrage of color that the English favor in their scarves.  Nothing screams a Mayfair businessman quite like a muted navy suit paired with a dose of color from their socks at the bottom and a scarf from the top!

So – how do you scarf?  Do you lean towards the muted and subtle or do you get pulled to the boldness of color?  Or perhaps you’re someone who likes to dabble on both sides of the sartorial spectrum and keep the rest of us guessing?  Let the debate – or poll in this case – begin…

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