Friday Style Debate: the thin line of contrived…

Time to debate!

FSD - too Affected- II

Friday Style Debate: the thin line of contrived…

A bit of a conceptual debate this week; all based on my reaction to this image that was posted on The Sartorialist last Friday.   My initial reaction is that he absolutely nails it – here was the quick analysis:

The denim shirt and knit tie are paired perfectly with the heavy wool herringbone jacket – a combination that creates an elevated look but one that is definitely casual in nature due to the less formal materials chosen.  This is coupled with the fact that jacket itself is already on the casual side of the formality scale due to the military inspired cargo pockets on what is otherwise a traditionally designed jacket.  The weathered belt is a great touch while the pocket square softens the entire look.  I even like how the sunglasses are nonchalantly tossed in the breast pocket – it’s practical place for them after all.

But something wasn’t right for me – somehow the overall look felt too polished and slightly affected.  What was throwing me off?  The flipping up of his shirt cuff.

This decision screams out to me that he is actually trying to be stylish and fashionable.  The problem is that to my eye this overpowers all of the other details which he has absolutely nailed.  I loved it when it was all about the subtle details of the cloth and the design but with the flip he crossed the line and became too contrived for me.

Harsh?  Fair?  Somewhere in the middle?  Let the debate begin…

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