Friday Style Debate: Is the tuck already dead?

Time to Debate!

FSD boots tucked in look

Friday Style Debate: Is the tuck already dead?

I was struck earlier today as I passed two separate guys downtown who were both rocking the pants tucked into the boots look – I say “struck” because to my eye the look has all but disappeared this winter.  Last year the look was everywhere – both on the runway, with celebrities (think Kanye West) as well as with the average fellow on the street.  Not the case this year – to the point that its demise is as quick as we’ve seen a trend go in awhile.  Perhaps if we could all pull the look off as well as the chap on the left it would’ve stuck around.

As such I ask the question – is the tuck already dead?  And if so is it being replaced by the cleaner look of slim pants being rolled to expose a more sleek style boot?  Let the debate begin…

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