Friday Style Debate: who wears the odd suit best?

Time to Debate!

FSD - odd suit

Friday Style Debate: who wears the odd suit best?

This is a fitting subject matter considering the debate always falls on the traditional business casual day that is Friday.  Last week I received a text message urging me to do a debate featuring well executed odd suit combinations – the impetus being that this person was seeing too many guys in the office dressing down suit jackets with poorly executed casual pant.

As such here are two examples of very solid odd suit execution – in this case both going with the timeless and classic blue + grey combo.  By breaking things up you’re clearly dropping on the formality scale but you’re keeping things elevated at the same time.  To be more casual still it’s an easy play – especially for the guy on the right.  Drop the tie and he’s just as perfect as the layering cardigan brings a bit of a pop from a color and texture point of view yet he’s totally put together.  For those who want a bit more information check out this previous post on the odd suit that I posted a few months back.  Let me know if you have any questions and/or thoughts.

So – let’s get down to business.  Who is wearing the odd suit the best?  I’d love to hear you thoughts on this one – let the debate begin…

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