How you feel vs what people think…

When it comes to the clothing we choose to wear what is more important to you – how you feel in them or the impact they have on how others think about you? Try not to think about it – what is your first response?

New York Times

Unquestionably I value how it makes me feel more so than the impact it might have on others. In fact it’s trying to align “how you feel” with “how you look” that is my goal every time I work with a client though it’s easier said than done.  For the difference between the two and how we try to bring them together have a read of this previous article.

Introducing “Enclothed Cognition”

This concept comes to us from a recent article in the New York Times – give it a read and let me know how you feel it mixes with the “how you feel” vs “how you look” discussion.  Turns out things are more intertwined than I had originally thought.

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