Introducing dressed casual…


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Byron Peart of Montreal’s WANT showing us dressed casual at its finest.

The take away:

It’s about nailing proportion and texture.


This fellow has a completely different feel but it’s all the same – it’s simply about how he plays with proportion and texture.


In both cases it’s a rougher cloth for the jacket with a slightly smoother one for the pant – this textural difference instantly reduces the formality of the look but makes it visually very interesting.  As for proportion they’re the exact opposite; on the top it’s a shorter jacket with a roomier trouser with a very low crotch point.  The second image is a more traditional length jacket but in this case it’s paired with a lower rise trouser.  In their own way each guy is playing with a combination of formal vs casual proportions – in doing so each are achieving great results.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions…


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