Remove your basting stitches!

Things to think about.

A bit of an unintended post today – but the stats dictate it!

The Mistake:

Over the course of a 10 minute walk this afternoon from Gastown to the corner of Dunsmuir and Burrard I managed to spot 8 suit jackets and 3 overcoats with the basting stitches still in place on the back vents.  Two friends walking together each made the mistake which led to my paying attention – apparently it’s more common than I thought.

If you’re unsure as to what I’m referring to – it’s the stitches that close the vents on the back of a jacket and sometimes on the cuff:


Apologies for the photo quality – I pondered taking action shots but in the end felt it was inappropriate thus google images it was!

The Solution:

The reason for these stitches in the first place is to simply hold the vents closed and in place during shipping.  Once you’ve purchased the jacket you need to remove them to allow the vent to move and in doing so provide you with a greater ease of movement.  To do so simply use a seam ripper (found in any sewing kit) or standard home scissors to gently snip one corner and the thread will easily pull away.

Take care – and as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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