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Friday Style Debate: the ultimate summer fabric…

Time to debate!

FSD - mohair vs linen

With the heat finally descending upon us the goal has now shifted to remain as cool as possible. Looser weaved fabrics are the way to go – the looser the weave the more air will pass and cool your body down even on the hottest and stickiest days!

Two great choices – the wool mohair blend on left versus the linen on the right.  Both will keep you cool but the way in which they do it is very much different. The wool mohair will remain crisp and sharp due to the wrinkle-resistant nature of the yarns its made from.  Linen on the other hand will wrinkle and provide a much more casual, live-in appeal that many find charming.  Both are great in my books but as always it comes down to personal preference.

With that in mind – what cloth will you choose for your summer suit this year?

Let the debate begin…