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Friday Style Debate: Aussie Open Edition

Time to Debate!

FSD - Aussie Open

I’m not sure if there is a sport that is as stylish as tennis – from the players on-court attire, to the elevated fashion that you see on the spectators and by the fact that the biggest name in the game is Roger Federer.

Which brings us to today’s debate in honor of Sunday’s first grand slam final of the year at the Australian Open.  It pits Novak Djokovic who is looking for his 11th grand slam title against Andy Murray who is aiming for his 3rd.

Gaining a mental edge is critical in tennis and perhaps this debate will lead to exactly that for one of these men.  With that in mind who wears the suit better – Djokovic on the left or Murray on the right?

Let’s debate…

Friday Style Debate: US Open edition…

Time to Debate!


Friday Style Debate: US Open Edition…

We’re coming to the first weekend of the year’s final grand slam and as of writing all of the big names are still in the tournament.  That includes my doppelganger Novak Djokovic (already received two “you look like” comments this week) and everyone’s favorite (including mine) Roger Federer.

Each of them have a very solid grasp of style both on and off court hence it’s a perfect debate topic for this week.  In this case both are bringing their personal take on the classic monochromatic look – who do we feel has the upper hand in this one?  Not sure this debate will have any bearing on whether Federer can finally grab his 18th grand slam or if Djokovic hits double digits with his 10th but we’ll see.

So who does it better – Djokovic on the left or Federer on the right?

Let the debate begin…