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A little more wedding inspiration on a cold winter’s day…

A stunning shot by Darby Magill of the beautiful Shea and Greg’s wedding from last summer.  It was an obvious honor to craft Greg’s suit but in a neat little twist he brought into the shop cloth that his Grandfather had given him years back for this exact purpose.  Cooler yet his Grandfather had worked in the mill that had made this hearty sharkskin cloth in Huddersfield, England.  With that in mind the aim with the design was to be wedding friendly but also to craft a jacket that Greg will be able to wear in a multitude of different ways over the years.  In the end the choice was to make it as lightweight as possible to allow the natural drape of the cloth express itself and in a little ode to English country charm we elected to go with the patch pockets.  To nice effect I’d say.

Get in touch and let’s start planning for your day…

Time to start planning…

It’s just past 5pm and not only is it still light outside but the sun is beautifully shinning down upon us.  This means there is light at the end of this winter tunnel though I’ll have to conveniently look past the fact that they’re calling for more snow over the weekend to really enjoy the moment!

Most importantly though the soft light makes me think of summer and with that naturally I start to think about wedding season.  If you’re getting married this spring or summer it’s time to get planning – take the stress off and get in to talk things over with plenty of time to spare.  It’s always safe to give yourself at least 4-6 weeks to make sure we can slow down and really enjoy the process of putting together your look.

The inspiration from above comes from Gurminder’s wedding last summer.  He wanted an elegant look first and foremost but one with a little pop for interests sake.  I think we achieved that with the soft purple jacket made of a wool linen blend cloth from Loro Piana – finishing it off with a simple light weight trouser and vest combination made with cloth from Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Have a great weekend and get that planning going…

Kid Mohair – the ultimate summer fabric.

20150525_143619 (2)

On last weeks Friday Style Debate I asked what the best summer fabric was – based on the response from you guys linen easily took the decision.  My theory behind that – nobody knows what Kid Mohair exactly is thus it really had no chance against a giant like linen.  For the educated though – Kid Mohair is the go-to for the warmer months.

Kid Mohair – the ultimate summer fabric.

Mohair comes from the angora goat.  In the case of Kid Mohair it comes from the “kid” goats – in particular from the area of the belly which can be shorn only twice a year.  The result is a very soft, long and fine fiber that turns into a very strong and resilient yarn that makes up the fabric. In the case of Vitale Barberis Canonico the kid mohair is blended with wool – 86% wool, 14% kid mohair – to create the ultimate summer cloth that comes in at 8.5 ounces.

Why is it so effective for summer?

The fineness of the yarns allow for a very light cloth that is also extremely resilient.  This enables a more open weave in the production of the cloth thus enabling more air to pass through the cloth hence it keeps the wearer cooler in the warmer months.  Another factor with a looser weave is that it makes the cloth much more wrinkle-resistant.  As a result you can achieve the coolness of linen but maintain the crisp, sharp tailoring that a more traditional wool cloth provides.  It truly is the best of both worlds and with this gives it the title as the ultimate summer cloth.


It gets better though – the angora wool is naturally white and takes dye wonderfully.  The result is an incredible array of options when it comes to colors.  Literally every shade you can imagine – the above image is of 10 different shades of blue in one style of weave!  Beyond the amazing colors you also get to see the different textures that get woven into the cloth.  The result is a very visually interesting cloth that is also very versatile in terms of the roles it can play – going comfortably from a casual summer suit all the way to a formal tuxedo.

If you want to know more book a free appointment to come to see the different cloth options in person.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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