Sometimes you just have to be special to pull a look off…

With the arrival of spring we’re beginning to see a the first shifts in how many of us dress – a key element of that being guys desire to look casually put together. One of the biggest mistakes guys make in this department is going for the t-shirt and odd jacket combination.  This is a high degree of difficulty look to pull off with any success and for 90% of us we should just stay away.

That said there is a very small fraction of guys out there who can pull it off – here are two examples.  If you don’t  do it with this type of swagger and panache then don’t do it all all.

t-shirt and jacket #1

Which begs the question: what is the intangible quality that these two have that the vast majority of us do not?

For me it’s the ‘je ne sais quoi’ effect – I don’t know what it is but certain guys simply have a look and feel about them that enables them to push boundaries in a successful fashion.  I know it’s not fair but if you have any doubts about your “intangible qualities” then play things safe and make sure you have a collar on that shirt!


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