Who is Martin Fisher?

No one in the truest sense. The name is my late grandfather’s middle names and as he was an important sports influence in my life I thought it an appropriate choice. Similarly the fish themed logo references my late grandmother’s maiden name which was Salmon. She was a London-trained seamstress who provided me with the first insights into the industry – she even oversaw my first capsule collection that was designed and produced for my grade six elementary school year.

As a business MFT began in Toronto in 2010. I moved it home to Vancouver in 2012 with one focus: to educate, create and lay the foundation for a locally designed and individually tailored wardrobe. A relationship between a tailor and client is exactly that – a relationship. It evolves over time by working together and constantly striving to improve the product and the process.


Michael Mahood

Michael Mahood - TailorDespite my grade six capsule collection the real path into the trade took some time as my initial focus and background was in international sport. I was of a rare Canadian breed that chose the other version of hockey – the kind played on a field as opposed to in a rink. The decision served me well as I was fortunate enough to play on the national field hockey team for 15 years and participate in two Olympic Games and a World Cup.

Following a degree in political science and with my playing career winding down I found myself being pulled back to the design world. My formal training started at the Ryerson School of Fashion in Toronto and continued in the shops of the tailors who I hassled into providing me with mini-apprenticeships. With their guidance and training I launched the brand with the goal of offering a beautifully fitted, appropriately designed and affordable garment.