Full service made-to-measure with a wide range of customization options available.  And when we say “full service” we mean it – this is not a glorified stock singles program where we only alter the half waist of your jacket and the length of your sleeves.  All aspects of your posture and shape are taken into account and your pattern is individually cut and manipulated.  This is as close to a bespoke offering as you can get – a level of service which is unfortunately becoming very difficult to find. The service is available for suits, jackets, trousers and shirts.

Suits from $1250

Jackets from $895

Pants from $395

Shirts from $250


This is a great service; 15 cloth options, four different fits and crucially the ability to order the jacket and pant separately.  This last element is critical as most ready-to-wear options come “nested” – by that I mean a 40 jacket comes married with a 34 pant.  In this service we can do whatever you want – strong chest but a small waist then we drop the pant size down to a 33 or 32; got a traditional hockey butt then we push you up a pant size to a 35 or 36 and we tweak the waist.  This flexibility allows us to really tailor the fit to your physique and in many cases achieve close to a custom look at half the cost.

Most importantly though – the production and cloth quality on these garments is absolutely first class which allows these suits to be both elegant and a workhorse at the same time.  Half canvassed construction with padded lapels mean the jackets mold to your body over time while maintaining the liveliness we expect from the lapel itself.  Combined with a super 120 cloth in Australian merino wool with a beautiful hand and these suits stand the test of time.

Suits from $650

Jackets from $550

Pants from $225

Tuxedos from $750

Wardrobe Re-shaping + Alterations

Traditionally this service was only in place for existing Martin Fisher Tailors clients and those using the Wardrobe + Style Development Services.

However we’re now excited to offer the service to new clients who want to give their existing wardrobe a new life by re-shaping.  Whether you have lost weight due to a new workout regime or you simply want to update your look through slimming down your garments don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss the range of possibilities open to you.

As for pricing – it’s difficult to have pre-established costs for specific projects due to the individual nature of the process.  Get in touch and we’ll be able to better give you a sense of cost and timing once we have more information on what you’re looking to have done.

Please note – this service is not designed to deal with individual alterations such as pant hemming, sleeve shortening, etc.  If you are in need of an alterations tailor for individual jobs don’t hesitate to get in touch as I can make recommendations based on the need and your location.

Wardrobe Analysis + Style Development Services

This service can focus on your entire wardrobe or be aimed specifically at your business wardrobe.  The initial meeting typically occurs at the client’s home as it’s simply easier from a logistical point of view.  We review everything in the closet; we make decisions on what is working for you, what needs to go and what pieces need to be updated via the alterations and re-shaping route.  With the review completed we then go over what new additions are needed – sourcing these garments can occur via traditional shopping or working together through the made-to-measure service.

Initial Meeting – takes roughly 2-3 hours at a cost of $250.  All subsequent meetings are at a cost of $75/hour.

For more information please get in touch – sometimes it’s just easier to have a conversation!

Business Service

In business they say “everything communicates” – and nowhere does this apply more than in our clothing choices.  Our appearance sets the tone from the outset and it needs to be on point with the message that you and your company are trying to get across.

The business service was developed to offer a solution to companies wanting to use clothing as a means to bolster their brand and corporate identity.  Whether you want to develop a corporate look based on specific pieces or allow a slightly more individual approach – there is a wide range of options available to you.

For more information on how we can help your organization better express itself and for all of the above services please get in touch:


phone: 778-709-3428