Frequently Asked Questions


How is the original fitting process conducted, and how long does it take?

The original fitting process is done by appointment only – this ensures we’re both prepared and we’re as efficient as possible. I come to your office or home or we can meet at the studio in Strathcona if that is more convenient.

The initial meeting takes roughly an hour. We go over the different cloth and style choices available to you; measure and assess your body and then put you in a few sample garments to get a sense of how you want your clothes to fit and feel.

How many fittings and how long does it take to finalize my suit?

It depends on what type of service we’ve selected for you – be it made-to-measure or custom.

For the MTM service your suit is cut from an adjusted pattern based on your measurements and posture. In roughly 6-7 weeks we have a second fitting where we’ll make sure everything is exactly as you want, and make any final adjustments. This fitting should take in the 15-30 minute range. The overall process will take in the 7-9 week range.

For the custom service you will have a first fitting in roughly four weeks. This basting stage is where the garment is loosely sewn together and adjustments for fit and posture are made directly onto the fabric while it’s on your body. This fitting will take about 30-45 minutes. Roughly 2-3 weeks later we have a second fitting where we’ll make sure everything is exactly as you want, and make any final adjustments. This fitting should take only 15-20 minutes. Overall the process will take in the 7-8 week range.

What is the difference between your made-to-measure service and custom, and what is best for me?

The main difference is that with the custom service there is basted fitting stage. A basting refers to a loosely sewn together garment where I make adjustments directly onto the garment while it is on your body.   The garment is then ripped apart and sewn back together taking into account the adjustments that were just made. This additional step is taken when a client’s body is more difficult to read by providing a “dry run” to ensure the fit is right. This of course adds both time and cost to the process hence a custom suit is priced higher than MTM.

As for what service you should choose – for the most part it all comes down to your body type. The reality is the vast majority of guys out there are able to get a great fit and the styling they want within the MTM service. We’ll determine what option is best for you at the first fitting stage.

What are your hours of business?

This is a pretty flexible operation and as it’s by appointment we’re open to working with you to make a meeting time that fits your schedule. Just send an email or call and we’ll figure it out!

How does payment work?

A 50% deposit is taken to get the process moving with the remaining balance being paid upon final delivery. In terms of the actual payment methods – cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card are all welcome.

Can I order individual pieces as opposed to a full suit?

Absolutely. I’m happy to make a single blazer, a range of pants for work, shirts, etc. Also please don’t hesitate to discuss the possibility of making casual clothing for you.

Do you do suits for weddings?

Absolutely – be it a standard suit, a lounge suit, a tuxedo, etc. I’m also happy to accommodate full wedding parties be it at the studio or at an off-site location.

Can I see examples of your work to get a sense of your quality and styling?

Absolutely. We have a range of sample garments or “fitters” as I call them for you to try on for this exact reason. They let you see and feel the production quality while assisting me in getting a clearer picture of how you want your clothes to actually fit and feel on your body.

With the visiting service where in the city are you willing to go?

As a loose rule the service is intended to occur within the city limits. That said it’s a very loose rule and like the hours it can be flexible. Email or give me a call and we’ll figure it out.

What suiting cloth types can I choose from?

In terms of the type of cloth on offer – a selection of worsted wools, flannels, cottons and linens are available in a range of different weights.

The goods are sourced from a range of different Italian and English mills – Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Loro Piana, Ariston of Napoli, Ermenegildo Zenga, Huddersfield Cloth and British Woolens to name a few.

What shirting cloth types can I choose from?

For the most part everything on offer is 100% cotton and linen. Every so often I will have access via one of the mills to a cotton/spandex blend but that is not always the case. What is never on offer is non-iron shirts. The non-iron aspect comes from chemicals being put in the shirt – specifically formaldehyde – and that is something I’m just not comfortable with providing.

In terms of the mills themselves – I work with three. Italian goods come from Monti and Albini while our entry level shirts come from a 3rd generation Montreal firm with a mill in India.

Do you recommend a second pair of trousers with a suit?

I do – especially in cases where the cloth you have chosen is lighter and more luxurious in feel. The reality is that your pants get much more abuse than your jacket – especially in the inner thigh and seat areas which are constantly under stress. Being able substitute your pants every time you wear the suit will greatly prolong its life.

What does the super mean in cloth description?

It’s the measure of the micron width of the wool fibre that makes up the cloth. In laymen’s terms it refers to the fineness of the cloth – the higher the number the more supple and luxurious it will feel to the hand. It also means the more delicate it is thus decreasing the life and durability of the garment.

The standard range of cloth I have on offer is from Super 100 to 140. In terms of the scale – a Super 100 makes up beautifully and is a great working suit that can be used week to week while maintaining its liveliness. A super 120 is probably the ultimate in between and represents the vast majority of what I sell. It’s the compromise between feeling luxurious and supple while still being durable enough to last for several years if cared for properly.   The Super 130 and up has stunning feel and body but it will need to be worn with care and given greater time off between uses.