What is Wednesday #27

What is Wednesday.

WIW #27 - rise

This weekly What is Wednesday post is aimed at answering some of the more basic and critical aspects of tailoring and the terminology we use to describe them. It stems from realizing that I’m constantly throwing out different terms with my clients and quite often they’re unsure as to what I exactly mean.  The goal of this section then is to alleviate this terminology gap and provide you with some know-how to talk tailoring with a little more ease.

What is…meant by the pant’s rise?

In simplest terms the rise is the distance between the bottom of the crotch and the top of the waistband.  Generally this distance will be between 9-11 inches in length; pushing up to 12 and down to 8 in extreme cases.

In the image below you will see three lines; at the top is the waistband, at the bottom is the base of the crotch and in between is the middle point:

WIW #27 - rise II

The easiest way to understand the rise is to imagine cutting the pant along the line of the middle point.   If you want to increase (or lengthen) the rise you would open the pant at that level and add more height; the result being the crotch point would lower and the waistband would get higher.  Conversely if you want to reduce (or shorten) the rise you would take away length at that point; the result being the crotch point would raise and the waistband would get lower.

The idea with the rise is to get the right amount of proportional length in the mid section for your body; one that doesn’t make it appear too long nor too short.  It also assists with comfort ; too little or too much room for your “boys” is something we generally strive to avoid.

As always I’d love to hear your opinions on this or any sartorial subject for that matter.  Better yet book a free appointment and we can banter in person and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

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