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Friday Style Debate: What spring jacket are you wearing this year?

Time to Debate!

FSD - Spring Jackets

We’ve entered that time of year where within a single day – or hour for that matter – we experience multiple types of weather.  With longer days and warmer weather we also tend to become more active and thus dress for the entire day as opposed to different parts of the day. With that in mind it’s time to talk about the staple that is the spring jacket.

For me the spring jacket is all about versatility.  It functions as a bridge; between the warmth of the day and the cool of the evening or to transition us from a more casual environment to a setting that is more formal.  They need to be perfectly fitted – capable of being paired with sharp tailoring , a more dressed casual look (as seen above) all the way working with shorts. They can be in cotton, wool, suede, leather or even performance fabrics a la the athleisure trend.

Personally I’m still trying to nail down my choice for spring; I’ve narrowed it to the Barracuda style on the left and the traditional Bomber style on the right.  What are you looking to do this spring?  Did I overlook a certain style?  I’d love to know you thoughts – let the debate begin…

Friday Style Debate: Can you over do it with white?

Time to Debate!

FSD - white with white

We’ve had an amazing week of weather and with sun returning so has the white sneaker.  It’s everywhere – and with good reason as it is arguably the ultimate summer shoe.  Which brings up the question though – is possible to over do it with amount of white within an outfit?

I ask because a guy walked by me yesterday wearing something very similar to the fellow on the left in the image above.  My first reaction – too much white.  It was a little too jarring for me. The image at the top right though is essentially the same look but in this case he’s added a jacket. For me this changes everything as it creates a softer and more subtle overall look.  As for the bottom right – I think the same thing can be said except that I would add that this would hold true even if he was to remove the jacket.  That’s my take – now it’s you turn.

Let the debate begin…

Friday Style Debate: Buttoning up without a tie?

Time to Debate!

FSD - Buttoned Up sans tie

There are a few places to go with this topic; the most obvious place to start being is it okay to do in the first place?  A second angle to discuss is how high to place the look on the difficulty-to-execute scale as this is definitely not a look for beginners.  A third area could simply be how to best go about executing the look?

As such I’m going to keep the topic open and let you decide on your own how to best approach it.  I’ll get the ball rolling though and give my two cents; first off I think it’s okay to tackle this look.  That said it’s definitely not for everyone – myself included – but when it’s executed well it can be a great high/low mix.  In terms of the the difficulty scale – this has to be right up there at the top.  The line between this look working and it being totally inappropriate is razor thin; your execution has to be flawless and/or you need a whole lot of “je ne sais quoi” to do it effectively. Lastly for my advice in terms of the how to execute; the chap on the right is going about things in a much safer fashion than our friend Mr Ryan Gosling.  When a shirt is darker than the jacket it is worn with it automatically drops the overall formality of the look opening up the tie-less option.  Gosling on the other hand is taking the most formal of shirts – the classic white – and pairing it with a traditional grey suit.  Everything about this look screams that it shouldn’t work; except for some reason it does.  As I said sometimes it just comes down to having the right amount of “je ne sais quoi” – let the debate begin…

Friday Style Debate: can a t-shirt pair with a suit?

Time to Debate!

FSD - T-shirt with suit

Friday Style Debate: can a t-shirt pair with a suit?

Yesterday Fashionbeans did an article on the 8 Style Rules it’s OK to break – one of which of course was pairing a t-shirt with a suit.  I’ll get the debate rolling by saying I completely disagree. As I’ve discussed many times in this journal the dressing down of a suit is a great option – the high low effect of pairing it with trainers or a more casual style of collared shirt are just two examples.  The t-shirt (or sweat-top) however is a step too far; subtly dressing something down is not the same as pairing polar opposites.  To my eye the fellow on the right just looks confused – not formal or casual enough for any situation.  It literally looks like he’s off to the gym and didn’t want the hassle of carrying a suit bag.  It’s just not working – square peg in a round hole.

On the left however is a completely different scenario.  There are two keys to the why; first being this is an “odd suit” as opposed to a full suit.  For more on the odd suit read up here; simply put though it’s lower on the formality scale than a full suit thus you’re able to go further down the casual scale in terms of choosing what you want to pair with it.  The second key is simply that this guy has the “je ne sais quoi” that is necessary to pull this look off.  Unfortunately this is an ingredient that the vast majority of us lack – I sure know I don’t have it at my disposal.  As such tread very carefully.

What do you think?  Might I be overreacting – perhaps a touch stuffy and traditional?  Am I dead on?  Let the debate begin…

Friday Style Debate: French Cuffs vs Trim Sleeves – do you have to sacrifice?

Time to Debate!

FSD - Cuffs with slim sleeves II

Friday Style Debate: French Cuff vs Trim Sleeves – do you have to sacrifice?

No detail in the tailoring world has been under as much pressure as the french cuff; reason being the ever increasing push towards slimmer silhouettes.  The reality is that the slimmer the fit of the jacket the slimmer the sleeve needs to be to maintain proportion.

Why is this a problem for the french cuff?  As you can see in the bottom right the french cuff tends to stand off the wrist by about 1-2 inches which makes it a very bulky cuff – the result is the actual jacket sleeve needs to be wider or else it will not pass smoothly over the cuff itself. This is evident on the sleeve that is seen on the left; it flares at the bottom of the sleeve which to my eye looks both sloppy and out of proportion with the rest of the suit.  Which brings up the question – do you have sacrifice one for the other?

If you wear the french cuff traditionally – as is seen in the low right corner – than the answer is yes.  My call in that situation – slim sleeve all the way.  There is one solution though; as you can see in the upper right hand corner we have a slim sleeve with a french cuff shirt.  Why does it work in this case?  This fellow is wearing the french cuff in the same way as a barrel cuff – that is they overlap and then the link passes through like a normal button would.  The result is a tighter cuff but the link itself shifts to the back as opposed to the side.  As such it is less visible – it’s a bit of sacrifice but you get the best of both worlds.

So – what’s it going to be?  Will you pick on over the other or will you go down the middle with the barrel technique?  Let the debate begin…

Friday Style Debate: Is a higher waistband more elegant?

Time to debate!

FSD - rise debate

Friday Style Debate: Is a higher waistband more elegant?

The fact that I’ve asked this question in the manner I have shows a little bit of my bias right off the hop.  The reality is that our legs are longer than our torso; as such pants that sit at the natural waist maintain the body’s natural proportions.  By shifting the location of the waistband – whether it be up or down – we manipulate these proportions and alter the delicate balance.  In some cases the results are great while in others it can look quite odd.

In the image above we have a great contrast – the severely dropped waistband on the left verses the natural waist positioning on the right.  The difference in this case is likely close to 2.5 inches.  Which brings us to our question – is the higher waistband on the right more elegant? It all comes down to elongating the legs verses increasing the impact of the torso and reducing the visual length of the mid section.

I know where I stand on this one – I look forward to hearing what you guys think as we could have a lot of varying opinions on this one.  Let the debate begin…


Friday Style Debate: Feels Like Spring Edition.

Time to Debate!

FSD - spring trends 2016

With the sun making its presence felt today I was motivated to throw some spring trends in as the debate topic.  As things warm up and we begin to shed the layers there are a few great options that seem to be taking center stage within the fashion scene – two of which are the Cuban inspired shirt we see on the left and a more modern take on the bomber jacket that we see on the right.

Both options are refreshing takes on a classic and timeless design.  The off white color of the Cuban shirt instantly differentiates it from most the more standard white or baby blue options. As for the bomber – the floral cloth in this case takes what is traditionally a very casual garment and turns it on its head in the formality scale.  With that in mind come spring which trend will you be more likely to follow?  Let’s debate…

Friday Style Debate: Aussie Open Edition

Time to Debate!

FSD - Aussie Open

I’m not sure if there is a sport that is as stylish as tennis – from the players on-court attire, to the elevated fashion that you see on the spectators and by the fact that the biggest name in the game is Roger Federer.

Which brings us to today’s debate in honor of Sunday’s first grand slam final of the year at the Australian Open.  It pits Novak Djokovic who is looking for his 11th grand slam title against Andy Murray who is aiming for his 3rd.

Gaining a mental edge is critical in tennis and perhaps this debate will lead to exactly that for one of these men.  With that in mind who wears the suit better – Djokovic on the left or Murray on the right?

Let’s debate…

Friday Style Debate – Is the double vest an emerging trend?

Time to Debate!

FSD Pesko

Friday Style Debate: Is the double vest an emerging trend?

For those of you who were unaware the peacock festival that is otherwise known as the menswear trade-show Pitti Uomo finished up last week.  As per normal it had the standard does of styles that were totally on point along with an equal mixture of interesting possibilities vying to become trends and those that we hope just go away (more on that next week).

Which brings us back to this debate – does the double vest layering we see in the image above have a chance at emerging as new trend?  In this case we’re looking at Bloomingdale’s Men’s Fashion Director Josh Peskowitz – is the layering creating something that is visually interesting and grabbing you?  Perhaps it’s a case where it only works with this specific outfit?  I say that because you’ll notice the two complimentary shades of grey in his trousers.  Of course it could also just be a case of a fashion guy trying to set himself apart at a trade-show filled with other fashion-heads – the question is what do you think?

Let’s debate….

Friday Style Debate: If you had to choose one style of suede shoe…

Time to Debate!

FSD - Suede I

Friday Style Debate: If you had to choose one style of suede shoe…

For those of you who have spent time in France and Italy you’ll be familiar with their on-going love affair with the brown suede shoes in all styles – and rightly so I must say.  Their versatility let’s them walk a delicate line between formal and casual; the richness and texture of their surface adding a level of depth that awakens even the most basic of outfits.  Pretty close to perfect I’d say.

Which leads to the first FSD question of 2016 – if you had to choose only one style of suede shoe to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?  The rugged yet noble chukka?  The dependable and classic lace-up?  Perhaps it’s the flash of the double monkstrap?  Or lastly could it be the elongating elegance of the loafer?

Either way it’s not an easy choice – let the debate begin…